Veterinary Anesthesia Machine

  • Compact design gas anesthesia machine for veterinary and laboratory use.
  • Quick switch between rebreathing and non-rebreathing circuit with one turn.
  • Change from tabletop to stand-mount within 15 seconds.
  • Versatile Breathing Circuit
    Opening or closing the rebreathing circuit by one turn of the knob, convenient to switch between different application scenarios without making changes to the tubing system of the machine.

  • Safe Oxygen Flush
    Oxygen flush valve with restricted flow for extra safety of the patients. Integrated with the breathing circuit for easy access and handle.

  • Interchangeable Mounting Methods
    Tabletop design with easy carry handle, upgradable to stand-mount or wall-mount seamlessly by specific mounting kit.

  • Customizable Configuration
    Flowmeter with different reading ranges, vaporizers of Cagemount and Selectatec type with screw-fill and key-fill option are available.

  • User Friendly Design
    Delivery with a complete assembly, no tools needed for regular maintenance.

  • Qualified Parts Installed
    All parts and materials used in ANPEX anesthesia machines are medical or food grade product from qualified global suppliers.

Dimension 452(L)x 208(W) x 360(H) mm
Weight (w/o Vaporizer) 6.7 KG(/ 4.8 lbs)
Flowmeter Reading 0.2 - 4LPM (Optional)
Manometer Reading - 40- 80 cmH2O
CO2 Absorber Capacity 1300 cc
APL Valve Adjustable Range 0 - 60 cmH2O
Oxygen Flush Flowrate 10 - 15LPM
Oxygen Connector D.I.S.S. Male
Rated Working Pressure 50 PSIG (3.44 bar)