Veterinary Anesthesia Machine

  • Compact design gas anesthesia machine for veterinary and laboratory use.
  • Quick switch between rebreathing and non-rebreathing circuit with one turn.
  • Change from tabletop to stand-mount within 15 seconds.
  • Versatile Breathing Circuit
    Opening or closing the rebreathing circuit by one turn of the knob, convenient to switch between rebreathing and non-rebreathing system.

  • Safe Oxygen Flush
    Oxygen flush valve with restricted flow for extra safety of the patients. Integrated with the breathing circuit for easy access and handle.

  • Interchangeable Mounting Methods
    Tabletop design with easy carry handle, upgradable to stand-mount or wall-mount seamlessly by specific mounting kit.

  • Customizable Configuration
    Flowmeter with different reading ranges, vaporizers of Cagemount and Selectatec type with screw-fill and key-fill option are available.

  • User Friendly Design
    Delivery with a complete assembly, no tools needed for regular maintenance.

  • Qualified Parts Installed
    All parts and materials used in ANPEX anesthesia machines are medical or food grade product from qualified global suppliers.

Dimension 452(L)x 208(W) x 360(H) mm
Weight (w/o Vaporizer) 6.7 KG(/ 4.8 lbs)
Flowmeter Reading 0.2 - 4LPM (Optional)
Manometer Reading - 40- 80 cmH2O
CO2 Absorber Capacity 1300 cc
APL Valve Adjustable Range 0 - 60 cmH2O
Oxygen Flush Flowrate 10 - 15LPM
Oxygen Connector D.I.S.S. Male
Rated Working Pressure 50 PSIG (3.44 bar)